About us

 Our mission statement is this:

We want to bring a range of quality work wear that is not only durable and stylish but comfortable and appealing too. We want to share this with anyone who digs us and our gear worldwide whatever your profession is.
Looking good and feeling good is what we want you to feel!



"Farrier Apparel" is a sister company of "For Farriers By Farriers" which is a drop shipping company supplying the UK market with farriery equipment. It was started in 2020 during the worst pandemic seen by our generation. During this time being a working farrier I struggled with ordering stock for my farriery business as this in the farriery world was so outdated, I created an Amazon like store which had an up to date website and free mobile app. The orders go directly to the suppliers and the items are shipped directly to the customers. The USP for the store is that the store never closes and being able to order from multiple suppliers in one order improved the efficiency of ordering stock ten fold. 



This has been a huge success but the only thing that was missing from the store is a good range of apparel. Being a farrier out on the road I have tried and tested the apparel we are selling over a year period and wanted to bring you the most comfortable stylish range out there. We have endured the harshest conditions and the toughest days to really ensure we are selling quality goods for you to take on the world!



Because we care about sustainability 90% of our products are on-demand production, that means items that are made to order, create less waste than conventional manufacturing.
We try to ensure we use eco friendly materials and work with companies that have a low carbon footprint, meaning; when you buy from us you can be safe in the knowledge we are doing our best to protect the environment!




James Haigh - founder | director